Do You Know How Low VA Hybrid Loan Rates Are?

Interest Rates vary from lender to lender, but you will not be able to find lower interest rates for any type of loan than you will for VA Hybrid Loans.

One of the great things about VA Hybrid Loan Interest Rates is that they can go down. So you might start at the already unbelievably low rate or 2.25% only to find your rate going down after 3 to 5 years. Can you imagine all of the additional money you would save with a declining interest rate? I know of one person who has stayed in their loan long after the fixed-period because their interest rate has kept decreasing.

Another standout feature of VA Hybrid Loans, besides their low-interest rates, is the fact that they have minimal additional fees and closing costs. In the end, this means that your loan will pay for itself more quickly than conventional loans. The VA doesn't ask for additional fees, though your lender may. The savings will add up more quickly this way.

Although your interest rates could go down, they could also go up. Most veterans want a hedge against rising interest rates. Some opt for fixed-rate mortgages, but this could be a mistake. VA Hybrid Loan Interest Rates have two caps. The first of these caps is a yearly cap of 1%. In any given year, after the fixed-period, your rate can only increase 1% no matter what the rest of the market is doing.

Low VA Hybrid Loan Interest Rates can save you thousands of dollar over the life of the loan. But that's not necessarily the best part. The best thing for you might be the lower monthly mortgage payments. What could you do with the extra money you save every month? Pay for a new car? Help your kid through college? Pay down the principal on your mortgage?

VA Hybrid Loan Interest Rates have never been lower. Talk to one of our VA-approved specialists to find out if you can lock into one of these low rates before the rates increase.

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